Morgan Drummond cultivated early on an appreciation for agriculture and the natural sciences during her childhood in rural Burnet, Texas, every year looking forward to picking wild dewberries in May and juicy plums in the summer. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from The University of Texas at Austin, she continued her education at Texas Woman’s University, completing a Masters of Science degree in Food Science. After spending the first couple of years post-grad as a Food Scientist developing juices and supplements, in 2011 Morgan began her career at Whole Foods Market’s global headquarters in Austin, Texas as a Product Developer for Exclusive Brands.

From the beginning she supported many private label projects across most food & non-food categories, as well as helped in the founding of the company’s technical sensory program. She then quickly formed an interest in the procurement side of the business. Currently Morgan is a Senior Category Merchant on WFM’s Exclusive Brands team, responsible for managing private label programs in 8 food categories, including the 365 Everyday Value and Whole Foods Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil programs.

She credits her technical background with helping her be a well-rounded category manager so she can speak to both the art and science of developing and maintaining her programs. Never one to shy away from visiting farms during harvest or visiting production facilities, Morgan is thrilled to build on her knowledge of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by completing the Savantes course and becoming the register’s newest Savante. She is excited to use her Savantes education to continue influencing the assortment and championing EVOO with colleagues and customers alike at Whole Foods Market.