Extra Virgin Olive Oils Tasted at the Greek and Spanish Team Tasting Championships and Savantes Varietals 2019

Participants in the Greek and Spanish Team Tasting Championships, as well as the Savantes Varietals tasted a range of oils from around the world.  We are very grateful to producers, distributors and retailers who send oils for inclusion in the programme.  The range of oils presented ensures that participants experience a broad range of oils from around the world.

Brand Varietals Website


Oasis   www.oasisolives.com
Elisi Koroneiki www.riovistaolives.com.au
Elisi Kalamata www.riovistaolives.com.au
Romley Estate Koroneiki www.romleyestate.com
Rio Vista Olives Koroneiki www.riovistaolives.com.au
Rio Vista Olives Manzanilla www.riovistaolives.com.au
Kyneton Coratina www.kynetonoliveoil.com.au
Kyneton Corregiolo www.kynetonoliveoil.com.au


Chateau Virant Aglandau www.chateau-virant.com
Chateau Virant Salonenque www.chateau-virant.com
Castelines Mas d'Olivier www.castelas.com
Castelines Classic Bio www.castelas.com
Castelines L'Aglandau www.castelas.com
Coop de Nyonsais Tanche www.vignolis.fr


Mani Blauel Koroneiki www.blauel.gr
Fyllikon Koroneiki www.bioarmonia.gr
Armonia Koroneiki www.bioarmonia.gr
Agourelaio Koroneiki www.bioarmonia.gr
Konos Hill Makri www.konoshill.com
Pamako Tsounatis  www.pamako.gr
Pamako Tsounatis Dennocialato www.pamako.gr
Pamako Tsounatis/Koroneiki www.pamako.gr
Alpha2Omega Koroneiki www.alpha2omegaoil.com


Frantoio Cutrera Tonda Iblea www.frantoicutrera.it 
Galantino Grand Cru Coratina www.galantino.it
Galantino Grand Cru FS17 www.galantino.it
Planeta Nocellara del Belice www.planeta.it
Planeta Biancollila www.planeta.it
Planeta Tradizionale www.planeta.it


Sovena Galega www.sovena.com
Sovena Cobrancosa www.sovena.com
Sovena Sikitita www.sovena.com


Hacienda Guzman Manzanilla www.haciendaguzman.com
Hacienda Guzman Hojiblanca www.haciendaguzman.com
Hacienda Guzman Arbequina www.haciendaguzman.com
La Maja Arroniz www.aceiteslamaja.com
La Maja Koroneiki www.aceiteslamaja.com
La Maja Tosca www.aceiteslamaja.com
La Maja Alfar Arbequina www.aceiteslamaja.com
Mueloliva Picuda Picuda www.mueloliva.es
Venta del Baron Hojiblanca/Picuda www.mueloliva.es
Casas de Hualdo Cornicabra www.casasdehualdo.com
Casas de Hualdo  Manzanilla www.casasdehualdo.com
Casas de Hualdo  Arbequina www.casasdehualdo.com
Oro Bailen Hojiblanca www.orobailen.com
Oro Bailen Picual www.orobailen.com
Oro Bailen Arbequina www.orobailen.com
Oro Bailen Frantoio www.orobailen.com
Oro del Desierto Lechin www.orodeldesierto.com
Oro del Desierto Picual www.orodeldesierto.com
Oro del Desierto Hojiblanca www.orodeldesierto.com
Masia-el-Altet Special Selection Changlot Real www.masiaelaltet.com
Impelte Impelte www.aceitesimpelte.com


Domaine Fendri Chemlali  
Domaine Fendri Chetoui