Individuals Invited to Join ‘Teams of the World’ for Olive Oil Tasting World Cup

Individuals from countries which cannot get a full team of 3 tasters may register to be included in ‘Teams of the World’ for the Inaugural Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Team World Championship to be held in Priego de Cordoba, Spain on October 4th and 5th. Teams will be compiled in groups of 3 participants in the order the registrations are received. If there are not enough registrations to complete a team of three, the participants can complete the tests on their own.

According to co-organiser and Director of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes, Simon Field, the opportunity for individuals is to encourage tasters from all countries to experience this transforming event. ‘We hope their participation will encourage them to get teams together for the next World Cup and by so doing, enhance tasting ability in their country’, he said.

Teams of the World cannot win the Championship. If such a team achieves the highest score this will be announced and acknowledged. The representative team with the highest score will then be declared World Champions. The Members of Teams of World are eligible for Savantes Certification.

To date representative teams from the following countries have indicated they will send teams to the World Cup – France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Jordan, South Africa, Greece and Spain. Individuals from any other country are invited to register for ‘Teams of the World’ on the website 

Organisers expect in excess of 15 teams to participate in the Inaugural Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Team World Championship co-organised by International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes in association with the Association for Quality Control of the Oils of the Region of Priego de Cordoba (ASCCAL).

For further information contact Simon Field at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit Tasting Team World Cup Individual Registration