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  1. If I do not opt in for inclusion in the Savantes  Register at the beginning of the test and do better than I expected, can I then be included in the Register after the test?

    No. The next opportunity for inclusion will be the next time you take the test.

  2. When will I be able to retake the Savantes Tasting Skills Test?

    At any of the subsequent Savantes programs or International Tasting Championships which include the Savantes Tasting Skill Test.

  3. If my status after the test is lower than I hoped, how can I improve my skill?

    Practice, practice, practice.

  4. For how long will my status on the Register be continued?

    Until you reach a higher status or rank on a subsequent test or you ask to be removed from the Register.

  5. Some say that tasting is subjective and taste test results can vary from person to person – how do you overcome this?

    With the exception of the intensity ranking test, all the tests are prepared by dilution, are comparative, or use varietals and defects supplied by trusted sources. For the intensity rankings and defects, the opinion of experienced tasters is sought to confirm the answers.

  6. Do we get given the correct answers?

    Yes, after the marking is complete, answers will be given to all participants.

  7. Can I dispute my score?

    Yes, if you believe you should have received a higher score once you have seen the answers, your team leader can approach the Organising Committee and ask for a review. There will be a 30 minute period during which reviews can be requested.

  8. If I am still not happy with the review can I ask for another review or dispute resolution?

    No. The decision of the Organising Committee is final.  

  9. What will happen if a number of participants or teams all achieve the same high score?

    The Awards will be shared.

  10. Where will the International Register of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes be hosted?

    On the website