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Savantes Varietals and Renaissance Conference

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes is always looking for new and progressive activities to benefit those who have participated in Savantes programmes, and to attract more participants.

An example of the innovative events generated through this philosophy are the Team Tasting Championships which have been held in an increasing number of countries. The Inaugural World Extra Virgin Olive Oil Team Tasting Championship will be held in Priego de Cordoba, Spain on 4th and 5th October 2019.

Now two new events have been initiated. Both in response to regular requests from the Savantes network.

Savante Varietals is a day of tasting Varietals form around the world, the classics and the new. Those taking the Savantes Review Test have consistently commented that they find it difficult to get access to varietals. Well, here is the opportunity!

The Savantes Conference is the response to the need for those who don’t get the opportunity to present papers or opinion at the established conferences. There may be many reasons for this, perhaps because they are relatively new to the industry, do not have access to the traditional networks or are working in a field that is not often represented at conferences. The Savantes Conference will provide the opportunity for these industry professionals to share their ideas and/or opinions.

Both these events, which are open to anyone, will provide a great opportunity to increase knowledge and expand networks across regions and professional occupations.


Seville, Spain
25 March 2019
Hotel Becquer, 4 Reyes Catolicos, Seville, Spain

Savantes believes that a better understanding and appreciation of the flavours of extra virgin olive oil from varietals from different regions will make the industry more efficient by:

  1. Fostering respect for products from different regions around the world
  2. Improving the correct classification of olive oils by panels
  3. Reducing the perception of defects which are different expressions of flavour by varietals
  4. Increasing the number of Savante participants who achieve Savante status.

To encourage broader knowledge of varietals, Savantes will hold a day of tasting varietals presented by Savantes, Associate Savantes and Savante Producer/Suppliers from the relevant regions.
Presentations will be in English.

26 March 2019, Seville, Spain
Hotel Becquer, 4 Reyes Catolicos, Seville, Spain

In 2001 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes started as an idea, almost 20 years later International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes has close to 100 Associate Savantes and Savantes worldwide. Savantes come from many pursuits in the olive oil and related industries and have all demonstrated skill and knowledge by passing the Savantes Review.

There over a thousand professionals who have participated in Savantes events and over 200 producers who have supplied extra virgin olive oils for tasting.

This highly talented and professional group from many countries provides a unique opportunity to create an environment where free thinking about the present and future of the olive oil industry is encouraged.

This is the purpose of the Savantes Renaissance Conference.It will also provide a unique opportunity for enhancing networks and making new friends across many regions and professional pursuits.

Savantes Review
The Conference will start with the Savantes Review Skills Test to refresh tasting ability and provide an opportunity to achieve Savante status.