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Photo credit: Will Byington 

Olly Rouse

Olly Rouse is one of a new breed of creative chefs who has an inspiring and original vision for modern fine-dining. Currently he is establishing his own fine dining enterprise. Olly was Head Chef at Lainston House from 2013-2017 and oversaw its entire food offering. He has an illustrious background and has built his reputation for innovation and pushing the boundaries through his wealth of experience gained at Michelin starred properties including Coworth Park and The Vineyard at Stockcross.

Olly began his career at the young age of 13 at Les Bouviers Restaurant in Dorset and immediately became fascinated with flavour and textures. He quickly progressed through the ranks and moved properties to quench his appetite for more knowledge. He moved to London to work at Petrus, his first Michelin starred restaurant and then on to The Vineyard at Stockcross where, as Sous Chef, the restaurant gained their second Michelin star.
Following this, Olly then opened the fine dining restaurant at the new Coworth Park, part of The Dorchester Collection, which was huge success, gaining a Michelin star within its first year of trading.

For the past two years, along with Joe Gould, he has presented the Olly and Joe Show at the Olive Oil Conference in Chicago USA. The Show features innovative ways of using extra virgin olive oil as an ingredient.


Photo credit: Will Byington 

Joe Gould

Joe is the Head Chef of the up and coming Aurora Restaurant on the Ipswich Waterfront. A post held for the past 12 months, some 12 years after he started his journey at the tender age of 14.

Joe learned his craft working at some of Southern England’s finest five-star country house hotels, including teaming up with Olly Rouse at both Coworth Park and Lainston House Hotel.

More recently taking the reins at Aurora’s sleek and modern venue, Joe has explored the unique sensory effect food can have on guests, in his own words “targeting nostalgia and wonder in equal, plentiful measure”



Simon Field

Founder and lead presenter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes, Simon Field, simply loves tasting extra virgin olive oils and using them in food. His family owns an olive grove and this keeps his approach practical and market oriented.

His knowledge of the flavours of extra virgin olive oils comes from years of extensive travel to growing regions and purposeful engagement with producers.

He refuses to declare any favourites, stating that there are many wonderful and interesting extra virgin olive oils coming from many regions. He cannot abide the parochialism and bias which permeates many parts of the industry.

Savantes tasting is based on the commercial advantage of describing flavours in terms of common food ingredients. Savantes and the Cuisiniers is the next step in using olive oil as a food ingredient to enhance the taste of food. An important element of the programme is innovative uses such as olive oil powder and the creation of foams.

Simon also believes that everyone learns better when they are enjoying themselves, injecting humour and levity into sessions which would otherwise be very tedious.

He enjoys the personalities of the programme participants and works hard to ensure everyone in the group receives personal attention and extra assistance if requested.

The longevity and continued expansion and diversification of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes is testament to his knowledge and impartiality.

He has Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.