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The purpose of the Championship is to encourage excellence in the evaluation and recognition of extra virgin olive oils from the world’s producing regions.

Championship Organising and Technical Committees

The Organising Committee for the Championship will be:

  • Alexandra Paris (AFIDOL)
  • Cécile Le Galliard  (
  • Mr. Simon Field – Founder and Director of International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes

The Organising Committee is responsible for overseeing the Championship and resolving any issues, disputes or appeals which may arise. Their determination is final.

Technical Committee

  • Alexandra Gauquelin-Roche (Les Callis)
  • Christine Cheylan (Château Virant)

To ensure the highest standard of integrity of the technical aspects of the Championship the Organising Committee will establish a Technical Committee to which it can refer for advice on organisational and technical aspects.

The Technical Committee will comprise the Organising Committee and up to five eminent members of the French olive oil industry. Membership of the Technical Committee will be by invitation of the organising entities and limited to a tenure of two years from the date of appointment.

Tasting Teams

All tasting team members must be permanently domiciled in France.

The competing teams each comprise three tasters. When registering for the Championship the team name and the names of each team member will be provided.


The event will be held at  Château Virant, Lançon-Provence

Programme - Saturday, 16 September

9.00 am  Reception

9.15 am 


Briefing on the skills tests

Skills test series 1

10.45 am


11.15 am

Skills test series 2

12.15 pm



Skills test series 3

1.15 pm


4.30 pm


Answer sheets delivery and review

Any appeals for changes in scores considered

5.00 pm

Announcement of Champions and Presentation of Awards


Skills tests

The Championship will comprise two series of extra virgin olive oil tasting skills tests

Skills test series 1 – time: 1.5 hours

This series will be undertaken by individuals and the team score allocated will be the sum of the scores of the three team members.

There will be no collaboration between team members.

The tests will be:

  • Rancidity ranking test – 5 points
  • Intensity ranking test – 5 points
  • Triangle tests – 4 points
  • Fault detection – 8 points
  • Regional variety identification – 8 points

(Total possible score 30 points per individual – 90 for each team)

Skills test series 2 – 45 minutes

This series will be undertaken by the team working together.

Each team will be given the same blend of extra virgin olive oils blended from 3 of 6 extra virgin olive oils. The team will determine which of the 6 have been used in the blend.


  • for each correct identification of an oil in the blend +5 points
  • for each incorrect identification of an oil in the blend -5 points

Maximum possible score for correct identification of 3 oils – 15 points

Minimum possible score – 0 points

Skills test series 3 – 45 minutes

This series will be undertaken by the team working together.

Each team will be given six monovarietal numbered samples of extra virgin olive oils comprising 3 varietals from 6 producing regions. The team will determine:

  1. The numbers of the samples which are the same varietal (ie, 1 and 3, 2 and 4, 5 and 6). For each correct pairing the team will score 2 points – possible score 6 points
  2. The varietal of each sample. For each correct varietal the team will score 1 point – possible score 6 points
  3. The country in which each sample has been produced.  For each correct country the team will score 1 point – possible score 6 points

Maximum possible score – 18 points

Total Championship scores

The scores of skills test series 1, 2 and series 3 will be added to provide the total championship score.

Maximum possible Championship score  for a team- 123 points

Use of Electronic Devices

The use of electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones or computers is not permitted during the Skills Test Series 1. If detected such use will result in the score of the individual responsible being excluded from the team total.

Return of Answer Sheets and Appeals

The primary answer sheet will be handed in after each test. Participants will complete a duplicate answer sheet which they will retain to check the scoring when the answers are announced. Participants will have a limited period to lodge with the Organising Committee an appeal where they consider an answer has been marked incorrectly. The answer on the primary answer sheet will be the only answer considered. If the appeal is succesful the score will be amended accordingly.

The decision of the Organising Committee on any appeal is final.


  • The team scoring the highest number of points will be declared Champion Tasting Team of France for 2017.
  • The team scoring the second highest number of points will be declared the runner-up.
  • Should there be a tie for any of the awards the award will be presented to the team scoring the most points in the team tasting series 2 and 3.

Prizes and Trophies

The winning team and the team coming second will receive the Championship trophies for 2017.

The winning teams will be eligible to represent France in the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Team Championship should it proceed as planned in 2018.

International Register of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes

All participants will have the option of having their score in Skills Test Series 1 assessed for Membership of the Register of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes.

The individual scores out of 30 for inclusion in the Register are:

Associate Savante 18 points

Savante 24 points

  • The Register includes all those who undertake the Savantes Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Skills Test and wish to have their statuses recorded.
  • The entry on the Register for Associate Savantes and Savantes will include a photograph, a brief biography and email contact details.
  • All those who achieve either Associate Savante or Full Savante status will be presented with the appropriate certificate. 
  • The Register status will be retained until a higher status is achieved at a subsequent event.
  • Current members of the Register can be viewed at

Entry fees

  • The entry fee will be €150 for each team.
  • The entry fee will cover breakfast, lunch and the championship.
  • Entry will be effected by completing the prescribed entry form online at or 

Closing date for entries

The closing date for entries is 25/07/2017

Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the respective tasting teams

Cancellation policy and team changes

Teams can change members by informing the organisers up to the day prior to the Championship by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the name of the team and the change in membership.

Given the flexibility of this arrangement there will be no refunds of entry fees.